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Root Canal Therapy

When tooth decay reaches the interior, or the pulp, of your tooth, you need more help than a simple filling can provide. Root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, is often the only way to save a tooth from extraction. Dr. Sabharwal provides comfortable, effective treatment for root canal in Ashburn, VA. And don’t worry -- the procedure is not as bad as you think. Keep reading to learn more.

When You Need A Root Canal

How can you tell when you need a root canal? Pain from an infected tooth can be difficult to ignore, but sometimes no noticeable symptoms are present at all. Seeking quick treatment is crucial for avoiding an abscess and saving the tooth from extraction. Here are some signs you need root canal therapy.

Tooth infections do not heal on their own. Contact your dentist as soon as you feel an ache or notice unusual symptoms in a tooth.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy

While root canals have the reputation of being especially painful or unpleasant, modern dentistry makes the procedure comfortable and highly effective. Anyone who has ever had a root canal will tell you it is actually the ache leading up to the root canal that causes the real discomfort -- not the procedure itself.

Before beginning the treatment, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the affected tooth. Sedation is also available at Family Dentistry and Implant Center, to take your relaxation one step further. Once we’re sure you are completely comfortable, the procedure can begin.

The steps of a root canal procedure include…

  1. Removal of all diseased tissue from the interior of the tooth
  2. Disinfecting the tooth
  3. Reshaping and measuring of the root canals
  4. Filling the hollow tooth with biocompatible gutta percha
  5. Placing a temporary filling
  6. Permanent filling and crown placement

Most of the time, two visits to the dentist are required for root canals. The final step is completed in the second appointment, after the infection has had time to heal and the permanent crown has been manufactured. In the event that only one appointment is needed for the root canal, a permanent filling is placed in the same visit.

Caring For Your Tooth After A Root Canal

After your endodontic treatment is complete, you will experience the discomfort and swelling common after any oral surgery. Follow your doctor’s post-care instructions to speed through the recovery process as comfortably as possible. Take pain medication as directed, and apply an ice pack to reduce swelling. Maintain a soft foods diet until discomfort allows you to resume your normal diet. Brush and floss your teeth carefully.

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If you need restorative dental care, or if you have questions about an upcoming root canal treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dentist in Ashburn, VA. Contact Dr. Sabharwal’s office for expert dental care today!