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Oral Surgery for Ashburn

Sometimes, achieving a healthier and more beautiful smile requires surgical care which is something not every dental practice offers. When you choose Family Dentistry and Implant Center in Ashburn, you’re in good hands. Our office provides oral surgery for a range of cases, from wisdom tooth extractions and implant placement to crown lengthening, soft tissue grafts, gum lifts, and more. Whenever possible, we provide patients with surgical care in our Ashburn office.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

For the most part, we want you to help you keep all of your teeth for your lifetime—except for your wisdom teeth. More often than not, these teeth, also called third molars, must be surgically removed to avoid complications that can lead to painful pressure on adjacent teeth or even infection. Our skilled oral surgeon, Dr Bhatia, Diplomate of American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, expertly extracts wisdom teeth in the very same office where you receive your regular dental care.

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Dental Implants

For our patients who are missing one or more of their teeth, we offer dental implants. These lifelike tooth replacements necessitate oral surgery to place the implants in your jaw. Made of the biocompatible metal titanium, implants integrate with surrounding bone to form a solid footing for your eventual tooth replacement. In addition, implants stimulate the jaw, so continuous bone tissue development helps you avoid a change in you facial appearance.  Whether you are having one tooth replaced with a porcelain crown or several teeth replaced with a partial or full denture, dental implants can help you have a smile that is strong and beautiful.

Crown Lengthening

There are actually two components to everyone’s smile: your teeth and your gums. These need to be in balance for your smile to look attractive. Some people, however, have too much gum tissue showing when they smile broadly. For these patients, there is crown lengthening. During this surgical procedure, we remove the minimal amount of gum and bone tissue in order to expose more of the natural tooth structure. Crown lengthening is also sometimes required before a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure. For example, placing a crown and bridge requires a certain amount of tooth structure. Crown lengthening exposes more tooth, so a crown can be securely attached.

In every case, we begin by performing a full oral exam. We want to completely understand your needs before we finalize your treatment plan. Then, we carefully explain our findings and strategy for helping you. We discuss how you can prepare for your procedure, what you can expect during the procedure, and offer instructions you should follow as you recover. If you have questions at any point, don’t hesitate to let us know. We don’t want you to leave patients with unanswered questions.

Would you like to learn more about the surgical care we provide at our Ashburn dental office? Call us today to speak with one of our helpful team members. We’re happy to schedule time for you to visit.