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Dental Checkups & Hygiene

Visiting a dentist every six months for a thorough checkup and cleaning is perhaps the most important step you can take in maintaining a beautiful smile. The process involves a thorough dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar buildup, as well as a full oral exam by your dentist, Dr. Sabharwal. Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect from your first visit to your dentist in Ashburn!

What Will Happen During My Oral Hygiene Visit?

Each regular visit to your family dentist in Ashburn may be different depending on your specific dental needs. But you can still expect many of the same things during a checkup and cleaning. Below are some of the steps you can expect from every checkup and cleaning at Family Dentistry & Implant Center. Throughout the course of your appointment, we will make sure to:

  1. Update your medical history when needed, a vital step to make sure we have the most up-to-date information possible related to your oral and overall health.
  2. Perform an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer affects far too many Americans -- and is all too often caught in its later stages. Fortunately, regular screenings from your dentist can help us catch the condition early, when it’s easiest to treat.
  3. Check for any new cavities, as well as remove the plaque and tartar that are known to cause them.
  4. Take periodic x-rays to check for decay, infection and other potential smile issues -- like impacted wisdom teeth or orthodontic problems.
  5. Examine existing fillings, crowns or other dental work. Problems with worn dental hardware can be easily mended when caught early -- but are often uncomfortable and time consuming to repair when ignored.
  6. Review at-home oral hygiene instructions if we see that you’re missing thorough care in a certain area. Good brushing and flossing techniques are important.
  7. Monitor periodontal (gum) condition. Approximately 75 percent of Americans suffer from gum disease, a surprising number when you consider the condition is incredibly easy to prevent and reverse. Regular visits to the dentist go far in keeping healthy teeth and gums.
  8. Provide quick but effective fluoride treatments as needed for strengthening tooth enamel.

If we need to recommend additional care to get your oral health back on track once again, we’ll be happy to discuss your best treatment options. Dr. Sabharwal and his team are experienced in providing excellent restorative and replacement dental care -- and when your teeth are as healthy as possible, we can also recommend some wonderful cosmetic treatments to help you enjoy your most dazzling smile. When it comes to your needs in dentistry, we’re truly your one stop shop.

Contact Your Ashburn Dentist Today

When was the last time you visited the dentist for a regular checkup and cleaning? More than six months? Don’t forget that preventive dental care is crucial for enjoying healthy teeth that last for a lifetime -- and Dr. Sabharwal and our team of dental professionals are truly dedicated to your and your whole family’s dental hygiene. Please call us today to schedule your next checkup!