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March 22, 2018

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illustration of dental implants

Implants look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Dental implants allow us to provide our patients with the best, longest-lasting and most beneficial method of tooth replacement available. If you are missing teeth, read on to learn the steps involved in receiving these beautiful replacements.

1. Consultation: We must first determine if your gums and bone are in the proper condition for implants. Your bone must possess enough mass to stably anchor implants and your gums must be healthy. A free consultation with Dr. Sabharwal and x-rays will enable us to determine your readiness.

2. Treatment Plan: Dr. Sabharwal will create a custom implant treatment
plan just for you. If we find your gums or bone are not ready for implants, in most cases we can develop a treatment plan to ultimately enable implants to be placed, a process that might include bone grafts to increase the strength and mass of your bone. For those patients who cannot successfully receive implants, we will prepare an alternative plan for teeth restoration.

3. Imaging: The vital first step of implant placement is a detailed examination and analysis of exactly where implants should go and the right type of implant to be used. Careful imaging of your jaw bone and teeth will guide the plan for placement. Our on-site oral surgeon, Dr. Bhatia, will be involved with every step of the implant process, providing his expert care. That means our patients do not need referral to a surgeon in another location. We can also ensure a superior quality of service for each patient throughout this procedure.

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