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the truth about baby teeth

July 13, 2015

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Well, here it is. The truth about baby teeth. Does it really matter if our kids brush properly, or visit the dentist regularly when they’re so young? They fall out anyway, right? WRONG!

There are many ways baby teeth help a child’s development, from speech to nutrition and overall health.  A short list of these ways include:

  • Encouraging proper and thorough chewing to foster healthy nutrition
  • Developing speech and pronunciation
  • Saving space in the jaw for permanent teeth

Furthermore, we want to take care of our kids teeth so that they won’t experience any unnecessary dental pain and can be as care-free as they should be!

How do we prevent childhood cavities?

  • Reduce transmission of bacteria between mothers and infants. Ensure mothers and pregnant women practice good daily oral hygiene habits and receive regular dental care.
  • For babies, never use juice or soda in a bottle. Never let a baby fall asleep with bottle unless it is only used for water.
  • It is recommended that a child transition to drinking from a cup by the time they are one year.
  • If a child uses a pacifier, do not dip it in anything sweet, nor “clean” it with your own mouth. That will only transfer unwanted germs to your child’s mouth.
  • Always clean with water and soap.
  • Before any baby teeth arrive, you can still foster good habits by “brushing”, or gently massaging, baby’s gums with a warm soft cloth, twice a day, especially after feedings. Once the first tooth breaks through, begin brushing twice a day with an appropriately sized toothbrush. Only use fluoridated toothpaste around age 2, or when he/she is able to spit.

As always, provide your child with healthy snack options and limit those that are sugary.

Remember, we are here for you!

Please call or email us with any questions you may have!

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