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4 Crucial Reasons to replace missing teeth Part II

February 21, 2018

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This is the second half of our previous blog which will go over the last two crucial reasons to replace missing teeth. Read our the first half of the blog here.

3. Ability to chew: With each missing tooth, your ability to chew food properly deteriorates. If you’re missing teeth on only one side, you’ll find yourself chewing on the other side which means those teeth are subjected to extra wear and tear. Missing teeth on both sides? You’ll be unable to chew your food effectively. It will be harder to digest and you will miss some of the nutrition you should be getting.

4. Self-consciousness: No one enjoys being self-conscious about their appearance. Visible missing teeth cause people to try to cover their mouths or refrain from smiling or talking as much as possible. It’s unnecessary to suffer in this way when we can replace those missing teeth with durable, natural-looking dental implants.

If you have missing teeth, please talk to us so we can educate you on dental implants, the best way to avoid all the unpleasant effects of missing teeth.


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