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4 Crucial Reasons to replace missing teeth Part I

February 15, 2018

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Illustration of missing front upper teeth - Simply Smiles DDS

When a tooth is lost, it’s important to replace it as soon as possible. With highly visible front teeth, many people rush to the dentist. But when it’s near the back of the mouth, that job may be put off for years or forever.

Before you come to any decision about missing teeth, you should know the reasons missing teeth need replacement, no matter where they occur.

1. Bone loss: The bone in your jaw needs constant stimulation from chewing to stay healthy. When a tooth is missing, its supporting bone no longer receives this stress and it begins to break down. Nearby teeth are weakened because of the loss of bone mass next to them; plus, they no longer have the stabilizing support of the missing tooth. The teeth then tend to shift toward the empty space. Ultimately, this area of bone can collapse.

2. Effects on facial appearance: As people age, their faces naturally change shape. With missing teeth, this change can be premature. Reduction in bone mass will gradually cause the lower part of the face to shrink. The length between the nose and chin shortens and cheeks become more hollow. You can avoid these undesirable changes by maintaining a full set of teeth.

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