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Dentist Asks, “Are Bedazzled Teeth Healthy for a Smile?”

September 7, 2017

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gold teeth smiling When you first meet someone, what’s the first thing that stands out? Their smile! After seeing so many celebrities with “blingy” teeth, you must wonder—what would your dentist say about bedazzling your teeth? What happens when a mouth full of teeth features a small section of gold?

It’s true that the eyes are drawn directly to it, but is the attention worth it health wise? Gold crowns and decked-out caps for the teeth have been a way socially categorize someone. What do you think of the style? Would you wear a decorated tooth cap for fun?

Let’s explore different types of dental crowns and how they have contributed to the world of dentistry.

Using Dentistry as a Social Status

In the 15th century, the earliest traces of gold teeth were found when the Spaniards colonized the Philippines. Gold teeth were used as a social distinction method for the political classes of Southeast Asia. The appearance of gold teeth actually symbolized wealth, power, and a higher status within the community. Even today, gold teeth can be found in the mouths of celebrities or people with “status.”

A “grill” is a gold or even diamond plated device that covers your teeth. Although the concept of a grill seems harmless, they can cause dental issues if they’re not properly cared for. There are two types of grills that can cause dental problems:

  • Removable grills promote tooth decay and encourage bacterial growth along your smile and gum line from having your teeth being covered in this metal case throughout the day.
  • Permanent grills work just as porcelain veneers, masking your natural teeth. But, just as veneers require regular dental work, so do permanent grills! Once you get one, there’s no going back.

Many People Prefer Tooth-Colored Dental Work Today

Nowadays, many people prefer tooth-colored dental crowns placed rather than metal crowns if they have to get dental work done. Over the years, metals have faded in dentistry for the middle and lower financial classes. Most patients prefer when their friends and family can’t distinguish the difference between a tooth that has had dental work and one of their natural teeth.

Dental crowns crafted from high-grade dental materials like ceramic or porcelain can be matched to your permanent teeth. Your dental crown camouflages against your natural smile.

Why might someone need a dental crown?

Patients may need a dental crown is to repair a broken or damaged tooth. The dental crown is used to strengthen a tooth and improve the overall appearance of a tooth. Here are some reasons why a dentist may recommend getting a dental crown:

  • Prevents a weakened tooth from fracturing or restores an already fractured tooth.
  • As a tooth replacement when not enough tooth remains.
  • To serve as a cover from a recently performed root canal, dental implant procedure, or discolored tooth.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Some people may prefer a gold dental crown, but there are many who want their dental restorations to blend easily among their natural teeth.

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